About Us

About Us

Training that transforms

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

This quote provides the heart of the reason why The Managers Training Company is committed to helping educational organisations to master the art of management.

With over fifteen years of working with educators and education organisations we understand how to deliver accessible, practical training that enables leaders and managers to make a fulfilling contribution that enhances the reputation of their schools. We help managers and their teams to raise standards, improve effectiveness, and provide excellent services as part of a unified approach across departments.

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The driving force behind The Managers Training Company

We are a leading, high-quality, management training provider for educational establishments and our mission is to equip your leaders and managers with the strategies, tools, and skills that enable them to create a positive and productive team culture that puts rewarding pupil experiences at its heart.

Our story

The founder of the Managers Training Company is Tracy-Anne Barker. She has a wealth of experience in the transformative impact of developing and supporting managers and their teams, from her work in commercial organisations and in her own training and coaching business. She now has over 15 years of experience working with educators and education organisations.

Tracy-Anne’s passion for supporting managers is embedded deep within her DNA, demonstrated by long-standing membership of the Chartered Management Institute and the publication of her book ’How Not to Balls it Up’ – a practical guide to modern management – in 2022. 

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Who we work with

We partner with educational establishments in the independent and state sectors, delivering high-quality, accessible training that is practical and motivational so that managers will make a fulfilling contribution to the school and their pupils.

Many HR Directors, HR Managers, and Department Managers working in educational establishments often find it challenging to find a training company who understands the specific challenges within education.

So, they find it refreshing to discover that The Managers Training Company is an experienced, professional partner who knows education and speaks your language. This means that we deliver practical, engaging training that improves the confidence and competence of your line managers and teams.

The values we live by, always

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We commit to always doing what we say we are going to do.

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We believe in transparency and having the honesty to admit when we can’t do something, so that we can work together openly to achieve the desired results.

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We help HR Directors and Managers to design and deliver programmes that raise the skill levels, performance, proactiveness and fulfilment of your managers whether new or seasoned.

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We are always flexible, proactive and responsive to whatever challenges may arise.

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Empowering your managers with the skills, tools, approaches and strategies so they ‘can do’ and can do more with less.

What clients say

“We’ve absolutely loved working with The Managers Training Company and can’t recommend their training and coaching services enough. They have really grasped where we currently are as an organisation and with their bespoke programme tailored to our needs, are helping us get to where we want to be. We’re already seeing the benefits for individuals, teams, and the organisation as a whole and are looking forward to carrying on our journey. Thank you.”

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7 reasons that clients partner with us

The key benefits of partnering with The Managers Training Company include:

  1. Helping line managers be more time efficient, focussed and competent so that they deliver better results, inspire their teams and deliver a high-quality experience for pupils.
  2. Improving staff retention rates, which saves money when average recruitment costs are £2500 (before agency or consultancy fees).
  3. Reductions in stress and anxiety amongst managers, which has a positive impact on peers, stakeholders, and pupils.
  4. Managers feeling confident and in control of their own and their team’s performance.
  5. Helping HR teams to provide a framework of support and training for their managers, which results in fewer caseloads for HR partners.
  6. Providing HR with more capacity so they have the headspace to be proactive, instead of reactive.
  7. Enhancing the reputation of the school amongst pupils, stakeholders, parents and the senior management team, which increases both personal and team pride.

Committed to a sustainable ethos

The Managers Training Company has 3 core sustainability pillars – Environmental, Social and Economic. In 2022, we took part in a green audit, so that we could establish strategic prioriites and measure and monitor progress within each of the three pillars.

What we do now


Our policy is to use public transport, in particular trains and reduce our use of petrol-engine vehicles so that we minimise our CO2 emissions.

Apply these principles to the business resources that we no longer require


We encourage team members to take at least three volunteering days per year.

Support key fundraising initiatives, with a combination of time, donations, or finance.


Reduce fuel usage and use CO2 efficient petrol cars.
Monitor and review cost and time-effectiveness of public transport routes.

When possible, source products and services from local businesses in Kent.

Future plans

We have a long-term approach on sustainability which means we are working towards the following:

  • Fully electric vehicles
  • Green pension plans and
  • Promoting sustainability business ethics to other businesses
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