Engaging training with enduring impact

Mastering the art of management for independent and state sector educational establishments

Engaging training with enduring impact

Mastering the art of management for independent and state sector educational establishments

Effective management and leadership is vital for navigating the pressures of changing demands in education

Have you noticed how some educational leaders seem to navigate the complexities of their roles with grace and gusto? You know, those champions who transform schools into hubs of progress and positivity. What’s their secret?

In a time where expectations are soaring and resources are stretched thin, mastering the art of management, especially within the education sector, is more pivotal than ever, and this is the essence of how we help your organisation.

The Managers Training Company – your secret solution

Whether you’re an HR Director, HR Manager, or Head of Department in a school, we’ll help you grow your managers from their innate potential to empowered leaders, so they can truly shine.

The Managers Training Company is a seasoned partner working by your side. We’re fluent in the language and culture of education and well-practised in providing engaging training with enduring impact.

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Training that transforms

  • We partner with HR teams to provide a framework of support and training for your managers, resulting in less responsive caseloads.
  • This dependable framework of sustained professional development provides HR with more capacity to be proactive, instead of reactive.
  • You’ll also experience a tangible surge in departmental efficiency and effectiveness.

More reasons to partner with The Managers Training Company

Your line managers will be more time efficient, focussed and competent, so they deliver better results, inspire their teams and provide a good experience founded on quality service for your pupils.

What clients say

“I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all the invaluable help and support you’ve provided throughout this year. Your commitment to delivering amazing training and support has made a significant impact, not only on myself but also on our managers.

The progress we’ve achieved has been truly inspiring. Your expertise has been instrumental in shaping our support team, and I am confident that the upcoming 360 reviews will contribute to our continuous growth.

Your professionalism and dedication have been key factors in our managers’ successes, and I am looking forward to working with you next year”.

Operations Director, Boarding School

3 ways to partner with us

At The Managers Training Company we understand that choosing a preferred training partner in educational management is a big decision. We're deeply committed to designing and delivering programmes that help HR teams to raise skill levels, performance and proactiveness, so that your managers are confident, competent and fulfilled, whether new or seasoned.


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  • Our ready-to-go training packages are tried and tested with a wide range of managers.
  • They increase the confidence and focus of managers, so they become more effective and productive.
  • In turn this leads to more effective and higher performing teams.

Fees for training packages start from £1095 per person (+VAT)

Bespoke Training Programmes

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  • We can tailor your programme to suit your organisational needs.
  • Tailoring ensures your managers identify the relevance of training to them and gains better buy in and engagement.
  • The result is an even better return on investment and programme success.

Fees for bespoke training programmes start from £1295 per person (+VAT)

Coaching & Mentoring for Individuals

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  • We talk the same language which puts your managers at ease.
  • We focus on performance and confidence enhancement including accountability, so that your managers improve in outcomes, focus, and confidence.
  • Having an external perspective helps your managers view challenges proactively and rationally.

Fees for coaching and mentoring start from £1895 per person (+VAT)

When you partner with us, we’ll deliver results

With over 15 years of working with educational organisations, we’ve developed an approach that is fluent in the language and culture of education and provides HR teams with a framework for sustained professional development that you can depend on. Here is an overview of our approach:

Step 1: Evaluate

Understand your current and future challenges and training needs.

Step 2: Scope

Scope your project and agree delivery methods and fees.

Step 3: Deliver

Provide your training programmes within the agreed timetable.

Step 4: Review

Monitor, report and review progress and key milestones.

Engaging training with enduring impact

The Managers Training Company partners with HR Directors and Managers in education to help you transform the performance of your managers and their teams. Here’s what stepping into a partnership with us will mean for your organisation:

  • A tangible surge in departmental efficiency and effectiveness.
  • A reduced need for recruiting new staff, thanks to enhanced staff retention.
  • Managers who exude confidence and competence, even in the face of overwhelming demands.
  • A framework for sustained professional development that HR teams can depend on.
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