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TMTC blog Culture Of Engagement

Creating a Culture of Engagement in Your School

Have you ever walked into a school and immediately felt the buzz – that palpable sense of enthusiasm and commitment in the air? That’s the ...
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TMTC blog Time Management Strategies

Time Management Strategies for Busy Educational Managers

If you’re working in a bustling educational environment, we’re willing to place bets on how often you feel like there just aren’t enough hours in ...
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TMTC blog Effective People Management

Effective People Management Skills in Education

Have you ever felt the thrill of inspiring a team to reach new heights? Or the satisfaction that comes with seeing your staff grow professionally? ...
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For more management insights, buy the book

How Not to Balls It Up: a practical guide to modern management

A powerful guide to the world of management, based on over 30 years of experience, and thousands of people that I have worked with. This is YOUR SMART practical guide to help you avoid those mistakes and NOT Balls it up.

This book will help you:

  • Understand the crucial foundations supporting conversations, constructive feedback, conflict, and the big one in the world of management; communication.
  • Navigate the subject of ‘attitude’; helping you build your personal confidence.
  • Develop strategies to help you become a ‘Motivation Maestro, to aid productivity and make your management life easier.
  • Enable you to develop better relationships, helping you to manage challenging conversations and difficult subjects easier and with increased confidence.
  • Be a manager that empowers and supports their team to perform at their best.

Tracy-Anne Barker is a much sought-after management consultant. She has led change programmes, trained, mentored, and coached 1000’s. A trusted professional, she designs and delivers impactful leadership and management programmes. Tracy-Anne has learned through both her own and clients’ experiences how a manager can have a positive impact and achieve the results they want to achieve. She is committed to empowering managers to step up and create high-performing, productive and sustainable workplaces where teams thrive and develop.

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