Training that transforms

Training that transforms

Dependable management training and coaching packages for independent and state sector educational establishments

Whether you’re an HR Director, HR Manager, or Head of Department in a school, we’ll help you grow your managers from their innate potential to empowered leaders, so they can truly shine.

We understand that choosing a preferred training partner in educational management is a big decision. This is why we’re deeply committed to designing and delivering programmes that help HR teams to raise skill levels, performance and proactiveness, so that your managers are confident, competent and fulfilled, whether new or seasoned.

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Over 15 years’ experience in education

The Managers Training Company is fluent in the language and culture of education and well-practised in providing engaging training with enduring impact.

Our approach is to partner with HR teams to provide a framework of support and training for your managers, which results in gains for HR, including:

  • Less responsive caseloads.
  • More capacity to be proactive, instead of reactive.
  • A tangible surge in departmental efficiency and effectiveness.

Partner with The Managers Training Company

HR teams tell us they can spend a lot of time supporting managers to be effective in their roles, potentially firefighting issues. This can happen with new managers, who can be overwhelmed when dealing with challenging situations, and who may not know which course of action to take.

You can choose from 3 ways to partner with us, depending on the training needs of your managers:

  • Training packages
  • Bespoke training programmes
  • Coaching and mentoring for individuals

Training Packages

Designed to help your managers to gain confidence, gain knowledge and competent skills. We take them through the methods and approaches available to engage individual team members. All our work supports your organisational policies and procedures.

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Fees for training packages start from £1095 per person (+VAT)


  • Ready-to-go training packages which are tried and tested.
  • Designed to help managers take a practical approach to leading and managing their teams.


  • Increases the confidence and focus of managers, so they become more effective and productive.
  • In turn this leads to more effective and higher performing teams.

Bespoke Training Programmes

In addition to the benefits of our training packages, we can tailor your programme to suit your organisational language, culture, and specific niche.

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Fees for bespoke training programmes start from £1295 per person (+VAT)


  • Assists managers in truly understanding how to take good management practice into the workplace.
  • Helps your managers to elevate in their roles.


  • Tailoring ensures your managers view the methods and strategies as relevant and practical in your organisation.
  • The result is an even better return on investment and programme success.

Coaching & Mentoring for Individuals

Our team are all educational professionals, and we use our personal approach from the start. We talk the same language and have similar shared experiences which means we quickly put your manager at ease.

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Fees for coaching and mentoring start from £1895 per person (+VAT)


  • We focus on performance and confidence enhancement.
  • Including accountability for progress.


  • Managers have improved outcomes, focus, and confidence.

  • A significant benefit is the external perspective we bring to the sessions which helps managers to rationalise and view challenges more proactively.

Client feedback

“The focused small group session of senior leaders came together really well and flowed. It was informative, Thought-provoking, progressive which is what we need as a senior team. Being able to challenge our culture, establishing where our departments are, and having a clear objective at the end worked really well for me. I scored it 4/4 for the session and recommend the training.”

Operations Director – Day and Boarding School

Engaging training with enduring impact

When you partner with The Managers Training Company, your line managers will be more time efficient, focussed and competent, so they deliver better results, inspire their teams and provide a good experience founded on quality service for your pupils.

  • Improves your staff retention rates.
  • This saves money when average recruitment costs are £2500 (before agency or consultancy fees).
  • Your managers are confident, competent and in control of their own and their team’s performance.
  • This means they are less stressed and anxious in their roles, and interactions with peers, stakeholders, and pupils.
  • Our training & coaching programmes have been developed specifically with schools.
  • They have evolved through working with all types of schools over the last 15 years.
  • Enhances your school reputation amongst pupils, stakeholders, parents and senior managers.
  • Your managers and their teams take greater personal and team pride in delivering a great job.

Rooted in a rigorous process

We follow a clear 4-step framework which clients find reassuring, methodical and solutions-focussed.

Step 1: Evaluate

Understand your current and future challenges and training needs.

Step 2: Scope

Scope your project and agree delivery methods and fees.

Step 3: Deliver

Provide your training programmes within the agreed timetable.

Step 4: Review

Monitor, report and review progress and key milestones.

What clients say

“The quality of the training was more than expected and exceeded our expectations, with a team approach. Tracy-Anne was consistently flexible in her approach to helping us meet our training expectations. An important aspect for us what that she is a great trainer who created bespoke content for our needs but left flex to allow us to relate to our organisation in real-time. Definitely recommend their services.

CEO – Education CiC


For our most popular questions we’ve had, we have answered some here:

What regions do you cover?

We work nationwide and with international clients. Our trainers are local experts with local knowledge to support your organisation and managers.

Is the delivery face to face?

We offer face to face in-person training, virtual remote training, and a hybrid mix of both.

What is the maximum and minimum number of delegates per session?

Six is an ideal minimum, however, depending on the client’s needs we can work with smaller groups for training. We deliver sessions to groups of 12, 15, 20 and even seminar-style sessions to over 60 delegates. There is no limit depending on the organisational need.

Engaging training with enduring impact

The Managers Training Company partners with HR Directors and Managers in education to help you transform the performance of your managers and their teams. Here’s what stepping into a partnership with us will mean for your organisation:

  • A tangible surge in departmental efficiency and effectiveness.
  • A reduced need for recruiting new staff, thanks to enhanced staff retention.
  • Managers who exude confidence and competence, even in the face of overwhelming demands.
  • A framework for sustained professional development that HR teams can depend on.

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